FFXIV: Sia Forerunner

As some of you know I have been playing the online MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV for a few years now. My boyfriend and I play casual together but starting new jobs on existing characters tends to be quite problematic, you keep on running out of space hoarding gear. Especially when you want good gear for your character.

With the start of the latest expansion, Shadowbringers, I’d hope to be able to start my ALT-character on the same server as my main one but there were server restrictions during the launch. So I started a new on the Lich server as a Viera Paladin.

Viera is one of the new races that came out with the expansion and I didn’t want to change the race of my main character (cat-gurl for life).


Didn’t expect that I would have this much fun starting all over with the story. A Real Reborn was a tad bit too long but I blew through Heavensward and am currently clearing Stormblood before I can start with Shadowbringers.
I had the plan to blog about it sooner but I really got sucked into the game again. ^^;;

Anyways, meet Sia Forerunner, my pretty Paladin.


Paladin is way much more fun for me to play instead of a healer. I’ve been losing patience as a healer so I needed a long break from it. It would be a waste if the game is no longer fun for me.

4K battle
4K Coeurl-asskicking

I try to play less in the living room TV as it keeps my family from using it. But I do miss the 4K screen that works so well with my PS4 PRO. Better save up for my own 4K TV.

In little over a month I managed to get my girl up to level 68 Paladin and leveling Mining and Blacksmith/Armorer on the side while I wait for groups. The ability to visit other Worlds means I get to still play together with my boyfriend on Odin. But starting the story from the start has made me fall in love with this game once again.

For short videos you can check out my twitter feed @clogsnsneakers but I am looking into publishing longer vids on YouTube.

Looking cool

Final Fantasy VII

I’ve purchase quite a few Nintendo Switch games lately, Final Fantasy VII being one of them. It’s not the remake, but a port from the original game released in 1997 for the PlayStation. It’s also the first game I bought together with my PlayStation console. Before that I had only owned Nintendo consoles.


I can’t recall exactly when I bought the game, but it must have been at the time I was working part time at a department store. PlayStations were even expensive back then so it must have been when I was 18ish. A year well after the release in 1997.
Having always been a Nintendo-girl I was interested in something else. PlayStation offered a whole new world of graphics and game play and I was told by the shop clerk this game would give me a lot of hours of fun. He was right, I was hooked with my first ever RPG.


Nintendo did have other versions of Final Fantasy on its consoles, but I’ve never managed to get my hands on one. Not until the remakes for future handheld consoles.

FFVII was the start with my obsession for RPG’s. Since that game I have tried many different types but always came back to the Final Fantasy series. I even ended up playing the online versions for many years. But I am a little ashamed to say, I’ve never finished FFVII. Hopefully on the Switch I will finally be able to reach the end of this game. If I don’t get distracted by other games ^^;;.