Pip: new member of the family.

I’ve been collecting dolls for quite some years now, it might be 10 or more. I started with Pullips, moved on to my first ball-jointed doll. Then Blythes came into the picture and my collection grew with 5 different types of dolls. I’m not picky when it comes to what I like, kinda like Pokemon (gotta catch them all).

So I am on type 6 now, Pipita, designed by Jenny Yi. I’ve seen her other doll, Holala, popping up on my Instagram for a while. Holala is cute but when I saw pictures of Pipita I was sold. I think its the little puckering lip that attracts me the most.

Obtaining a doll from Jenny is always a challenge. They are hand painted so you can’t count this doll as a mass production one like Barbie. Jenny herself was at the previous Blythecon EU last year and they went like hot cakes. I try to refrain buying from the second hand market when the dolls are scarce, sometimes people drive up the price to ridiculous heights just because there is a demand.

I was overjoyed when a pre-order for Pipita opened in November. Jenny’s assistant sorted out insured shipping for me and the waiting game started.
When the first arrivals started popping up on Instagram, I couldn’t wait for mine to arrive. Lucky for me no custom fees and she arrived on the 19th of January 2019. Today I unboxed her and named her Pip.

The quality of Pip is amazing, she is prettier in person and you can see that a lot of care went into her assembly. The last few weeks I lurked on Etsy and bought two outfits for her, which are also on their way to me.
Let’s hope the weather will clear up so I can take some outdoor photos of Pip.

Pip and Ted
Pip and Ted

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